December 17, 2012

Not A Typical Monday

Those of you on Twitter and my friends on Facebook have probably noticed that today was not a typical Monday.
I went into town with my mum this afternoon to buy a grillpan, X-mas cards and the new GoodFood Magazine. I had bought the grillpan when going to this book annex tabaccoshop. At the counter I asked if they still had a GoodFood of December in the back but they hadn't. While talking and paying I fell a hand on my bum and then further between my legs. I didn't realise at first but when I felt it again and now my labia being touched through my jeans I turned around. Planning on shouting and hitting the person with the grillpan I had in a plastic bag in my left hand.

There was a guy with a horny look on his face but totally out of it. A huge alcohol whiff from him in my face.
I shouted 'What the fuck do you think you are doing?' No reply really. Just some murmur and 'lekker' which in this context would mean foxy.
I'd thought he would smell his fingers but he didn't.
The I shouted at him 'you didn't pinch or grab my ass but you tried to get your fingers in through my clothes' and 'who the hell do you think you are?'.
He murmured again, if he spoke I couldn't make sense of it. He clearly was surprised why I shouted at him. He was totally unaware of his inappropriate behaviour.
The guy started to leave the shop quietly. I turned to the shop assistant and she was as flabbergasted as me. I asked her to phone the police. Just when leaving the store others heard him swearing at me. Swearing words like whore, bitch and cancerbitch.

The wife of the owner came out of the back on the hubbub and she immediately grabbed the phone and called the police.
Me, my mum and two more clients who witnessed the whole thing saw him walk down the street and stopped to ask a women to lite his cigarette.
Within 10 minutes the police arrived at the shop and they had already spotted the man live on CCTV.
Over the radio was double checked if his description was right because they had found a man who looked like we all described. I was asked if I wanted to report him. I said yes to that and then they arrested him.
The police officer took my statement and details as well as from anyone in the store who witnessed.
I was good to go and the police would get back to me.

Within half an hour they phoned that this would be a sex offense and that two detectives were on their way to the police station to take my official statement. So I went to the police station.
In almost two hours the two very kind and fair detectives took my statement and asked lots of questions and details over and over again. And good that they do that! I was so agitated and angry that talking it to the smallest details helped to get rid of the anger.

The man was too drunk to be interrogated today so they will do that tomorrow. The CCTV footage of the shop will be available for the police too. Then the public prosecutor will decide if he can go or stay in custody until the investigation is completed and decided if he will be prosecuted for sexual assault.

This man has to be made crystal clear that this behaviour is not tolerated. Not by me! No one has the right to touch me in that way if they don't have my permission. Now it was me but next time it is some one's daughter of 14. With the holidays in sight there is an ice rink on the market square. Lots of young kids having fun there in their lunch break and after school. If this guy can do this to me he can and might do it to them.
The reason I followed through with reporting him for this sexual assault is to get this clear to him and hopefully he gets the help he needs and will never do it again.

I am surprised of my own reaction to it though. By nature I am quite aggressive and my first reaction was 'hit him'. Heck I have smacked and hit about 4 or 5 men in my life for their behaviour. But not believing that it was true what I felt between my legs still and when I saw his face when turning around, I realised hitting him wasn't going to be effective. The light was on but no one was home, you know what I mean?

To be continued I suppose....

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