November 13, 2012

How do you feel now?

How do you feel now?

There is a lot of nastiness going on on Twitter. Lots of people experience to be bullied.
I am one of them.

I refuse to be bullied. I do not tolerate bullying!
First I thought of writing a big post about it and my experience on it on Twitter but that would be too much credit to the bullies and their docile sheep who are just as much bullies if you tolerate that behaviour!!

Bullying has major consequences for their victims!
If you read my time line on Twitter you can read some of the things I shared about being target of bullies.
In the Netherlands it is a very hot topic because two weeks ago a 20-year old boy took his own life because he was bullied so much he didn't love life anymore.

Please take a moment and read the following. Think about it and then think about your or the behaviour of others.

The women you just called you fat ...
She took an overdose of diet pills once.

The ugly girl you've mentioned ...
She spends hours on her make-up just to get people to like her.

The guy you have to let stumble ...
He is been abused enough at home.

See that man with the ugly scars ...
He fought for his country so you can live in freedom.

That guy you laughed because he was crying ...
His mother is dying of cancer.

DON'T judge people if you have no facts, no information, don't know them and so on!
DON'T base your opinion about people based on assumptions or someone else's opinion. If you see bullying going on STOP it! DON'T tolerate people getting bullied!

If you don't you are a bully!

Have a HEART!

Please feel free to post this on your own blog or the link to this one on Twitter.


  1. wow what a great post. Fully agree and wish people didn't judge, life would be so much nicer x

  2. Fantastic post, Chelle. Nastiness is so unnecessary...


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